Vaskiluoto biomass gasifier plant


Vaskiluodon Voima Oy

Client's Project

VAKA project, Vaasa 2010 - 2013

Design and construction of a 140 MW biomass gasifier plant at the Vaskiluoto power plant. 

Gasifier will produce fuel gas made of wood biomass and peat for a 560 MW coal boiler. 

Project consist of a bio fuel receiving station as well as a storage and processing structures, wood biomass drying plant, gasifier, boiler modifications and the necessary power plant automation and electrification modifications. 

The gasifier's type is fluidised bed gasifier supplied by Metso Power Oy.

The plant was handed over for commercial production in January 2013.

Novox Oy functions

Conceptual design of the plant

Pre-engineering and investment preparation

Preparation of the environmental license application and advising during the licensing process

Preparation of  documentation for the procurement of the main technology

Owners engineering services during the design and construction phases of the plant