Energiateollisuus ry.

Client's project

LCP BREF national background work 2010 - 2014. 

According to the inception of industrial emissions directive (IED) the environmental licenses of power plants have to be based on the best available techniques. The best available techniques are defined in the branch of industry reference documents (BREF). The current BREF for large power plants is from 2006 and it will be up-dated before the inception of IED 2016.

Energiateollisuus ry has established a working group to monitor the BREF preparation and to highlight the perspective of Finnish energy production. The working group prepares Finnish material to the new BREF and annotate BREF sketches.

Final Meeting of the Technical Working Group (TWG) for the review of the LCP BREF took place in Seville in June 2015. The document is in course of preparation and it will be accepted not later than 2017.

Novox Oy functions

Preparation of draf texts and advising for Energiateollisuus ry's BREF working group.

Organizing of reference plant data collection within combustion plants.