Biocoal research


Helsingin Energia and Pohjolan Voima Oy

Client's project

TISCO development project, Helsingin Energia and Pohjolan Voima shared projects 2012-2013

In the shared projects the possibilities to produce biocoal from wood biomass in Kristiina power plant are figured out. The possibilities to replace coal with biocoal in Salmisaari and Hanasaari power plants are investigated and economical feasibility for biocoal production, logistics and utilisation will evaluated.


The project covers the following areas:

  • Biocoal production technologies
  • Logistics from production plant to power plant
  • Storage in power plant
  • Pulverization and firing properties of biocoal
  • Combustion simulation of coal-biocoal mixtures in two PC boilers.
  • Health and environment impact of biocoal combustion 

Novox Oy functions

  • Conceptual plan of biocoal production plant 
  • Conceptual plan of biocoal's storage  
  • Evaluation of modifications needed to be done in power plant in order to implement biocoal as fuel 
  • Technical advicing services for tests and evaluation of results
  • Econimical analysis